11. How to setup W3 Total Cache & Auto - optimize cache?

11.1 How to setup W3 Total Cache?

Step 1: Access admin site, navigate to Plugins =>Add New => Search W3 Total Cache => Install now


Step 2. After the plugin is installed, click to Activate

Step 3. Go to Performance => General Setting

If your server does not support Memcache, you can choose Disk Enhanced as a Cache Method.
Do not enable the Minify ( Auto-optimize Plugin can be used)

Step 4. And now, you go to Performance => Page Cache then you see:

Step 5. Navigate to Performance =>Database Cache

Step 6. Navigate to Performance =>Object Cache

Step 7. Navigate to Performance =>Brower Cache


11.2 How to setup Auto-optimize Cache?

Please do all the same steps as setup W3 Total Cache. After the plugin is activated, go to Settings =>Auto-optimize => Show advanced settings

1. Add tinymce.min.js  file in the “Exclude scripts from Autoptimize” setting

2. This configuration is applied for 2.6.0 version.